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Vzorové testy ke stažení

Testy ke stažení (včetně zvukových souborů)

Choose the correct answer (only one is correct):

From the national news

nahrávka 20

What happened at sea?

  1. A boat sank in bad weather.
  2. A rescuer drowned in the water.
  3. A boat was brought back to port.
  4. A technical problem ended the trip.


Two friends talking about Lucy and John

nahrávka 23

What happened?

  1. John attacked Lucy.
  2. John ran away from Lucy.
  3. John’s reaction surprised Lucy.
  4. John was unhappy but stayed calm.


At the airport information desk

nahrávka 25

What advice does the passenger get?

  1. To complain to the airline company
  2. To arrange an alternative route
  3. To fly with another airline
  4. To ask for a refund